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6 Questions to ask before building a swimming pool

Written by titan / Posted on 18 April 2018

The preparation phase is the most important part of building a pool. A landscape architect, a pool contractor or luxury pool builder can help with the construction process, but you also need to make sure you are building the pool for the right reasons. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before building a swimming pool.

1.Why do I need a swimming pool?

Do you want a pool for fitness purpose or for backyard entertainment? Or do you want to just enjoy the appeal of water in your backyard? According to your purpose, the pool design can be changed. The foundation for your pool will be based on the answer to this question. There are many products available to enhance form and function of your pool.

2.Who are you building the pool for?

A pool designed for romantic interludes will be different from a pool designed for child’s play. For toddlers you may want to add shallow areas, for the elderly you may need extra grab rails, for sunbathing you will need tanning ledges and for music lovers underwater speakers and so on. A pool heating equipment lets children and the elderly enjoy a warm pool during those harsh winter months.

3.Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

To confirm the site is suitable for pool construction many builders recommend soil tests. Depending on whether the soil is expansive, rocky or sandy they will have to address the building concerns. The construction costs will also depend on these factors. A pool pump and cleaner are basic essentials one needs to consider while constructing a pool.

4.Where will the pool be located?

You need to know the building and zoning laws to answer this question.The pool’s location also depends on cable, water, gas, telephone, and electrical lines. To relocate these utilities there will be additional expense. Other factors to consider is how to maximise sun exposure, how people will enter and exit the pool, how to minimise wind exposure and so on.

5.What will be the shape and style of the pool?
Considering the existing landscape and the architecture of the home pool builders proposeselecting a style and shapethat would blend with the rest of the features. The design of the pool should match the architecture of your home.

6.How can you ensure that your pool will be easy to maintain?

A pool requires a lot of maintenance, but you can reduce maintenance fee by using substantial filtration, and making it more energy efficient. For healthy, clean and clear swimming conditions, pools require sanitization and this is achieved by salt chlorinators. Automated or robotic cleaners help clean debris in the pools, so be it pool season or not, you can have your own clean place of tranquillity. The same is preserved by pool protectors that come in different varieties – rollers, blankets, automatic rigid, automatic flexible, hideaway rollers etc.
A good fitness mantra, great party venue, your own private resort, added value to your home are just some of the pros of having your own swimming pool at home. It justs lets you stay cool…

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