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Our Top Picks for Your Next Pool Pump

Written by titan / Posted on 10 July 2018

Onga LTP750

The heart of your pool system is your pool pump and what if our heart beat stops all of a sudden? Well, we all know the answer. Pool pumps are like our hearts. Our heart pumps blood all through our body distributing nutrients and help us sustain and even bring waste toward our filtration system, which is expelled out of our bodies.

In a similar way pool pumps also work. To effectively sanitize the water they circulate chemicals throughout our pools. To filter the water and sanitize it before entering the pool, they carry water from the pool to the chlorinator.

According to the size of your pool you will need an effective pool pump for filtering water. The pump helps to fight bacteria and algae in the water and increases the effectiveness of your pool chemicals by removing debris from your pool.

To stay healthy and enjoy your poolside experience you need the best pool pumps. Here are our top three favorite picks.


The pressures and needs required by your swimming pool will be met by the AstralPool CTX pump. The CTX is designed to reduce noise levels and produce greater efficiency and is made from high quality components and materials. The CTX will provide reliability and a high performance. It is suitable for spa jets, in-floor cleaning systems, and other demanding applications. It is available in six different sizes to meet your requirements.

Astralpool CTX


Its Super-Quiet operation is one of its biggest advantages. To capture vibrations and noise it has a unique water-cooled motor. Another highlight is its long lasting silensor, which is ideal for an outdoor poolside environment. It will last long and is low-maintenance, thanks to its long-life plastics. To minimize pump damage if no water is available to the pump its silensor has been incorporated with unique dry run protection. For reduced maintenance and long service life, it also includes a unique mechanical seal protection. It is very convenient as it gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning as the silensor does not require air ventilation. For long intervals between cleaning SLL models feature a large leaf basket.

Davey Silensor Pool Pump


It’s corrosion resistance, provides maximum performance and is available at a realistic cost. It’s ideal for small to medium domestic swimming pools. Suitable for above ground pools, and solar heating circuits.

Onga LTP750

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