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AstralPool Salt Water Chlorinators

Written by Southsidepool / Posted on 25 July 2019


If you have a swimming pool, you know there are certain steps you need to take to keep it free from bacteria and healthy to swim in. While you are in the water, you need to be protected from bacteria, algae buildup, and “wastes” that can get into the water, such as any oils or lotions that a swimmer might bring in from their skin. Dust and pollen also need to be removed from the water’s surface.

While traditional pool cleaning certainly works, but it typically consists of using harmful chemicals to cleanse a pool’s water. No one wants to swim in a pool of water full of chemicals and this is why salt water chlorination systems, like Astral Pool Salt Water Chlorinators, give pools a clear and sparkling look that maintains healthy water.

How does it work?

Astral Pool Salt Water Chlorinators work by converting salt into sodium hypo chloride which cleans up your pool. The device can be set up in the pump and filter area to produce pH neutral chlorine and keep the pool or spa’s pH balance intact. This also ensures that you do not have harsh chemicals in the water that you will be swimming in, while also reducing the need for manual water testing, maintenance or corrective actions required for your pool water.


·         Eliminate harsh chemicals.

·         Requires low maintenance.

·         A healthier option.

·         Cost-efficient.

·         Flexibility.


The top of the line model from Astral Pool’s range of Salt Water Chlorinators, Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator has a Total AI mode, in which it can test, monitor and maintain the perfect sanitizer level and pH balance, while also controlling the pool pump for maximum energy savings. 

Chlorinatorgo Bluetooth App Control

AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium and Viron Saltwater come with a Bluetooth connectivity that can help you monitor the chlorinator, view the water balance, auto or direct manual control, schedule and adjust timers and control compatible AstralPool pumps and lights from your smartphone.

Are you planning to install an Astralpool salt water chlorinator to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family? Get in touch with us here at Southside Pool Services today for the best models at the most competitive prices!

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