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A Quick Guide on Choosing The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

Written by Southsidepool / Posted on 10 January 2019


A quick guide on choosing the right robotic pool cleaner

When it comes to keeping your pool clean, a robotic pool cleaner is the best way to go. A robotic pool cleaner is an efficient and independent pool vacuum that offers superior pool cleaning while consuming less energy and saving you countless hours of manual cleaning time. Once you put it in your swimming pool and turn it on, it will go about its job of vacuuming up all the debris, dirt, and algae it encounters on the bottom, walls, and steps of your pool until it either runs into an obstacle it cannot navigate around, or you tell it to stop.

With that being said though there are many varieties of robotic pool cleaners to choose from and not every option available on the market is appropriate for your pool (of course!) Therefore, you may have a hard time figuring out what you need, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Don’t worry! We have put together this quick guide to help you buy the right pool robot that is just perfect for your pool.

Know your pool

• What type of floor does it have?

Most basic robotic pool cleaners in the market have wheeled or universal rubber PVC brushes and can handle just about any pool floor. However, if your pool is made of tiles, vinyl or fibreglass, you may want to look for a cleaner that has a soft, super grip PVA brush.

• What is its size?

The size of your pool is another important aspect you need to consider. Each robotic pool cleaner has a fixed cable length, so you have to find one that has enough cable to reach the furthest side of the pool from the power supply. This has to be at least 3.66 metres (12 feet) from the edge of the pool.

• What do you want your robotic pool cleaner to clean?

Finally, you have to consider the type of debris falling in to your pool. For example, if your pool is set near large trees, you probably have plenty of leaves, twigs, nuts, or flowers floating on your pool. In this case, your cleaner should be capable of not only cleaning up debris lying on the pool bed but also from the surface.

Know your needs

Most basic cleaners can just vacuum your pool’s floors. Higher models, on the other hand, can vacuum coves and the lower wall of your pool as well. And the most advanced robotic pool cleaners can even do an excellent job at scrubbing. You want to choose a model that excels at the cleaning tasks you want to do the most. Of course, the more features a model packs in, the more expensive it will be. So, look for a cleaner that gives you the most value for your money.

Which brand?

When it comes to the best automatic pool cleaners, Dolphin is the leading choice among pool owners. With advanced features such as Intelligent Navigation and Active Brush technology, Dolphin’s range of high-quality robotic pool cleaners offers unmatched floor-to-surface cleaning. Nautilus Plus and Premier are two of its easiest to use, most programmable robotic pool cleaners on the market today. Dolphin pool robots prices are rather reasonable as well. So, you may want to consider them.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

In conclusion,

Robotic pool cleaners are pretty much set-and-forget devices which can save your precious time and keep the fantasy of carefree pool maintenance alive. That being said, choosing the right robotic pool cleaner can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With the above tips, however, you will undoubtedly know what to look for or what to consider when shopping for a robotic pool cleaner.

Southside Pool Services is a dedicated supplier of swimming pool cleaning equipment throughout Perth. Contact us today; we can help you find the best cleaning solution for your pool.

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